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With the 2020 school year now underway, we'd like to showcase some of the students' great achievements of 2019.

Stage 2 and Stage 3 students invested considerable time and energy throughout a challenging 2019 program.

Stage 2 students focused on the different lifestyles of people in the Arctic climate of Iceland and those of the tropical north of Australia. The program resulted in students designing and building model homes that would suit those environments. Large covered verandahs, pools and water tanks were common features among the Australian models, while steeply pitched roofs, earth and grass covered homes and interior fireplaces were typical in the Iceland models.

Stage 3 students focused on bushfire mitigation. Their research task culminated in designing and building model homes that featured several identifiable bushfire hazards (such as overhanging trees, gutters clogged with leaves and timber decks) and several mitigation elements (such as metal roofs, cleared gardens and large water tanks).

The model homes from both stages were proudly displayed in the final weeks of Term 2 2019 and samples are featured here to showcase the students' success. 

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